AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush - 2 August 2022 (1080p)

2-08-2022, 16:19
AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush
AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush - 2 August 2022 (1080p)
Slender brunette Kira is ready for a day of fun in the sun on her roller skates, and glides through the streets wearing velour shorts and a pink top, which her perky nipples poke through. While taking a break, she flashes a cheeky grin as she tugs her shorts to the side, for a peek at her yellow cotton knickers, and then her fluffy bush. Next she heads inside, to provide an even more intimate tour of her body. Kira peels off her shirt, to uncover her armpit hair and firm breasts, then slips her panties down around her ankles. After joyfully dancing in the nude, while listening to her headphones adorned with cute kitty ears, she opens her legs so we can admire the delicate beauty of her pussy. Kira runs a comb through the luxurious curls covering her vulva, then spreads her dark labia wide apart to show off her clit, and reveal the glistening pinkness inside. Clearly delighted to be sharing all of her body, Kira bends over and squeezes her bum cheeks to expose her tight anus, while gazing back between her legs with a sweet smile.
AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush
Sporty new model Kira straps on her roller skates and shares that she and her friends go to the skatepark together four times a week. After rolling through the streets forward and backwards, Kira heads inside and caresses her firm breasts over her pink top. "They're really perky and they bounce just a little!" she proudly declares, stripping off her shirt to tease her hard nipples. After removing her velour shorts, she touches herself over her yellow cotton panties, while vividly detailing her masturbation routine. Kira is blessed with the ability to have nearly infinite orgasms, but she tries not to overdo it. "When I have more than five, it just feels so addictive" she explains, and describes how she once came 20 times in a row, and it was just too much of a good thing. She shows off her toned figure with nude yoga and vibrant dancing, then relaxes with her legs open. Kira combs the fluffy curls decorating her pussy, and tugs the hair to spread her dark labia. She happily exposes the pink folds of her vagina, giving special attention to her sensitive clit. She loves having it licked, sucked and nibbled by both guys and girls, which makes pleasure flood her entire body. "It's literally like a magic spot!" she proclaims with a bright smile.
AbbyWinters Kira R - Full Bush

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