AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69 - 8 July 2022 (1080p)

8-07-2022, 18:08
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69 - 8 July 2022 (1080p)
South African Alexandra has lived in Romania for a few years, but she's still learning the language, so her native-speaker girlfriend Alice gives her a vocabulary quiz. When Alexandra excitedly realises that Alice has chosen all sexy words, the girls embrace to lift up each other's t-shirts and caress bare breasts, while exchanging deep kisses. Once Alexandra has cheekily pulled down Alice's panties and begun sucking her nipples, the language lesson is long forgotten. Alice opens her legs so Alexandra can lick her pussy, and ruffles her lover's short hair to admire her smiling face.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69 AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69
The girls then indulge in spirited scissoring, their silky-smooth vulvas melting together, as they cast adoring looks into each other's eyes. An epic 69 finds them both sensually lapping and stroking their partner's clit. When the pleasure gets to be too much for Alice, she moves up to sit on Alexandra's face, and cums with a blissful moan. Then, she goes right back to satisfying her partner, plunging one finger on each hand deep into her pussy. Alice watches over her shoulder with a proud grin, as Alexandra shuts her eyes tight, and a wave of orgasmic ecstasy washes over her.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69 AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69
Alexandra and Alice have dazzled us individually with their graceful beauty and lovable personalities, and this shoot reveals that they have a special connection: they're partners in real life! While sweetly holding hands and discussing their relationship, petite Alice giggles when short-haired Alexandra declares: "When I first met you, I never would have imagined we'd fly to a different country and make porn together!". The excitement of sharing their passionate sex life on camera leads the girls to eagerly strip off each other's t-shirts and panties, while making out. Then, Alexandra inserts her fingers deep in Alice's pussy and starts sucking her clit. Alice gazes adoringly at her girlfriend and moans: "Do you want me to cum?". "Please do! Just open your legs so I can see" Alexandra happily replies, and savours Alice's blissful cries. Then, it's Alexandra's turn to be ravished. Alice laps her smooth vulva and penetrates her with a gentle rhythm, until her pale skin flushes pink with a sensual orgasmic release. More pleasure is in store for the adorable couple during a steamy 69, followed by tribbing and mutual masturbation, all mixed with tender kisses. Satisfied and exhausted, the lovers hold each other close in a romantic embrace and drift off to sleep.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T & Alice S. Steamy 69

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