AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush - 5 July 2022 (1080p)

5-07-2022, 15:59
AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush
AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush - 5 July 2022 (1080p)
Oshun stands on her bed in a long floral skirt, flashing a cheeky grin as she tucks the hem into the waistband of her cotton knickers. As she knits a colourful scarf, she leans forward to offer an enticing view of her cleavage, in the plunging neckline of her top. After stripping down to her lingerie, she lowers her bra straps ever so slowly, delighting in the tease until her full breasts tumble into view. Then, she reveals her round bottom by pulling down her panties, and playfully holds them up with her teeth. Oshun glows with a bright smile, now that all her clothes are off, and revels in sharing her curvy Rubenesque figure. She raises her arms over her head, showing off how the curly hair on her head also decorates her underarms, as well as her pussy. After lifting one leg in the air, so we can admire her soft bare feet, Oshun soothingly massages lotion into her boobs. Then, she relaxes with her legs akimbo, and one hand between her thighs, to keep a bit of mystery in her gentle nude debut.
AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush
Oshun always had very long hair until she recently cut it short, and proudly admires her new look in the mirror: "It's super-cute! I love my curls so much!". Wearing a halter top that hugs her cleavage, and a long skirt she lets us peek up, she describes her adventures studying theatre in college. Then, she performs little vignettes for us in various states of undress. With her bra off, she clutches her lush breasts and stealthily moves around the room like a spy. Then, she removes her panties and mimes a naked ballroom dance routine, as her cuddly curves bounce enticingly. Oshun stands in the nude and caresses her thick bum and fluffy pubic hair. After that, she shares her inspiring journey from hiding under baggy clothes and repressing her romantic desires, to embracing nudity and her sexuality. "I'm having a lot of fun now, doing things like this" she happily declares. "I finally feel comfortable in my body!". While looking into the camera with soulful dark eyes, she describes her vibrant sex life with an older man. Oshun hasn't yet had experience with girls, but she always fantasises about how pretty they are. "I really want to go down on a woman!", she sighs in her husky voice. "I feel like I'd be really good at it!"
AbbyWinters Oshun - Full Bush

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