AbbyWinters Victoria R - Multiple Orgasms - 27 June 2022 (1080p)

27-06-2022, 17:54
AbbyWinters Victoria R - Multiple Orgasms
AbbyWinters Victoria R - Multiple Orgasms - 27 June 2022 (1080p)
Victoria searches through her closet, holding up combinations of t-shirts and trousers in the mirror, to see which looks best. She decides she can make better choices with fewer clothes on, and strips off her top to free her perky breasts, while cycling through more outfits. Eventually, she removes all of her clothes, spritzes lotion on her nude figure, and soothingly massages it into her skin. When her hands reach her immaculately smooth pussy, her lust ignites, and she treats herself to an epic masturbation session.
AbbyWinters Victoria R - Multiple Orgasms
Victoria reclines on a mound of pillows on the floor, and opens her legs to provide a perfect view as she touches herself. Stroking her clit back and forth, so fast that her fingers become a blur, she whimpers emotionally as her pleasure builds. When it comes time to push herself over the edge, she plunges one finger deep inside, and tenses up as she cries out with blissful release. After she cums, Victoria's fingers scarcely leave her pussy before she begins chasing a second climax, then a third. All of her orgasms are thrillingly intense, and leave her face and chest flushed nearly the same shade as her purple hair. As she breathes deeply in the afterglow, a sweetly contented smile dances on her lips.
AbbyWinters Victoria R - Multiple Orgasms

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