AbbyWinters Ciara D - Puffy Nipples - 18 June 2022 (1080p)

19-06-2022, 00:04
AbbyWinters Ciara D
AbbyWinters Ciara D - Puffy Nipples - 18 June 2022 (1080p)
Blonde Aussie Ciara looks stylish in her romper, but a sparkling smile lights up her face, as she slips out of it to reveal a lacy pink bra and matching see-through panties. She playfully puts her bra on backwards so the straps barely cover her perky nipples, then pulls her panties down around her ankles, with a smouldering glance into the camera. Relaxing comfortably naked on the floor, she puts her feet in the air and removes her socks to uncover her soft bare toes. Then, she gets on her hands and knees and casts an inviting look over her shoulder. Ciara is excited to show off her fair-skinned nude figure, and stands with one foot on the floor and the other on the washing machine, so we can admire all of her body. She gets into as many flexible positions as she can dream up, happily spreading her legs wide apart, and putting her silky-smooth pussy on delightful display. Moving to the bathroom, she brushes her sun-kissed golden dresses, while admiring her reflection in the mirror.
AbbyWinters Ciara D AbbyWinters Ciara D
AbbyWinters Ciara D AbbyWinters Ciara D
Ciara radiates warmth and friendliness while sharing what she loves about her home country of Australia, from the amazing beaches and rainforests to the fun animals like kangaroos. She strips down to her matching pink lingerie, to stretch with her round bum in the air, then bounces her breasts with her bra straps. "They're like suspenders for my boobs!" she giggles. Reclining in the nude, she reflects on what people find attractive about her, including her crystal blue eyes and toned figure. She laughs and adds another item to the list while gazing between her open legs: "I've practically got a designer vagina!". Ciara adores her neat and smooth vulva, but proclaims that: "I think every pussy is beautiful!". She details her passion for going down on girls with pubic hair and meaty labia, and savouring how different everyone tastes. Ciara enjoys when guys cum in her mouth and, as a massive squirter, she's able to return the favour. "When someone loves being squirted on, there's something about the look of total bliss on their face", she sighs dreamily. Ciara raises her bare feet above her head while spreading her legs, and reveals her thoughtful tips for how to talk dirty in bed, and make sex even more fun.
AbbyWinters Ciara D

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