AbbyWinters Roselina & Wendy T. Quivering Together - 13 June 2022 (1080p)

14-06-2022, 00:28
AbbyWinters Roselina & Wendy T. Quivering Together
AbbyWinters Roselina & Wendy T. Quivering Together - 13 June 2022 (1080p)
Sitting with their legs akimbo, to provide upskirt peeks at their panties, Roselina and Wendy try to guess each other's home countries, based on their accents. Wendy has travelled all the way from Australia to Amsterdam, while Roselina just dropped by from Belgium. The girls undress and confirm that they don't yet have spring tan lines. So they just hook their warm thighs together and admire their new friend's nude body. They laugh while coming up with names for their vaginas, and Wendy suggests they start a comedy podcast together. "We'd have a lot of listeners, talking about our pussies!" Roselina giggles. The girls begin touching themselves, and chat about masturbation routines and porn preferences. They both have similar techniques, rubbing little circles on their clits with their eyes closed, dreamily lost in pleasure. Roselina cums first, her face lighting up with a bright smile amid soft cries of release. Then, she eagerly watches Wendy build to climax, her eyes darting from her friend's busy hand to her flushed face. Wendy throws her head back, as she's overcome with intense moans, and Roselina looks delighted. "When I orgasm, I feel like I could run five miles!" Roselina declares. "Are you serious? I just want a nap!" Wendy replies, laughing with disbelief.
AbbyWinters Roselina & Wendy T. Quivering Together

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