AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass - 17 May 2022 (1080p)

17-05-2022, 15:56
AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass
AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass - 17 May 2022 (1080p)
Meet Mina: she's a 20-year-old Australian whose voluminous corkscrew curls complement her adorable freckles, and she may have already captured your heart just from that description. But she has so many other enchanting features, and she's overjoyed to share them by undressing in her sunny garden. She's just washed her lingerie, and while hanging each item on the clothesline, she reveals her soft underarm hair, and offers teasing peeks up her pleated skirt at her comfy cotton panties. Then, she unties her snug top with a glowing smile, and lowers it ever so slowly, until she uncovers her magnificent large breasts. Wearing only her knickers, which have become nestled between her juicy bum cheeks, Mina casts a coy glance over her shoulder. Then, she pulls them down around her ankles, and relaxes fully nude in grass. She displays her flexibility by putting one bare foot behind her head, and nibbling her big toe. Then Mina happily spreads her legs, revealing the fluffy curls decorating her pussy, and teases herself with the clothes pegs. She affixes one to her nipple, one to her bush, and two to her dangling pink labia, and throws her head back, giggling with delight.
AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass
Bubbly Aussie Mina welcomes us to her backyard as she hangs her lingerie out to dry. Wearing a tank top that hugs her lush cleavage, and a short skirt that she lets us peek up, she shares her love for her beautiful body. After happily stroking her fuzzy armpit hair and highlighting the sweet splash of freckles on her face, she removes her shirt and jiggles her perfectly voluptuous boobs. She loves having them admired, and feeling them bounce when she walks. "It shows who I am: I'm very confident and I'm very proud of them!" she declares, eyes sparkling behind her glasses. Pulling down her panties, to uncover the fluffy bush decorating her pussy, Mina reveals that her majestic curly hair and bubble butt are gifts from her mum, who is fully supportive of Mina's nude modelling adventures. Mina playfully sucks her toe and climbs on the clothesline, until rain forces her inside, to vividly describe her first time with a girl. She had a revelation with her tongue deep in her friend's pussy: "This is exactly why men love this: it's such an immersive experience!". Deeply aroused by the sexy memory, she opens her legs and vigorously strokes her clit. Mina's orgasm is so intense, that her vulva pulses, and she can barely speak afterwards, beyond sighing: "oh fuck, that felt good!"
AbbyWinters Mina B - Nude Girls In The Grass

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