AbbyWinters Marine Transparent Undies - 9 April 2022 (1080p/photo)

10-04-2022, 07:53
AbbyWinters Marine Transparent Undies
AbbyWinters Marine Transparent Undies / Nude Girls Transparent undies Marine - 9 April 2022 (1080p/photo)
Marine looks fetching with her stylish fringe haircut, as she plays with her camera. She gazes through the viewfinder, while relaxing with her legs akimbo, in a tiny skirt, to reveal her transparent panties. She stuffs one hand down them, to rub between her legs, and that's where it stays for the remainder of the shoot. She stands up and lets her perky nipples pop out of her halter top, and penetrates herself deeply with two fingers. Once all of her clothes are off, she ties her bare feet together, heightening her arousal, as she continues masturbating. Marine's labia are perfectly smooth, but she has a cute tuft of dark hair above them. She bends over a chair and smiles back over her shoulder, as her fingers slide in and out. Then she spreads her legs wide apart and slips a tentacle-shaped glass dildo into her pussy, while placing a vibrator directly on her clit. Her soulful grey eyes glow with arousal, and she looks directly into the camera at the moment she's overcome with orgasmic release.
AbbyWinters Marine Transparent Undies
Charmingly sweet Marine has taken up photography, so she shares cute pictures of her cat and dog, and a sultry closeup of her own mouth. After spending so much time on camera, she loves being behind it and making other people happy when they realise that "they can look really pretty too, and feel like a model as well!". Marine looks dazzling with her midriff-baring top hugging her chest, and a pink miniskirt inspired by boxing shorts, short enough to display her see-through panties. The outfit feels delightfully soft on her skin, but she's too excited about touching herself, to keep it on for long. Resting nude on a comfy pillow filled with cherry pits, Marine spreads her legs and plunges two fingers deep into her pussy. She vividly describes the sensation of wearing tight jeans that rub against her labia and her clit. "If you're a woman, you know this feeling!" she giggles. Marine brought many fun objects to maximise her pleasure, beginning with a metal logic puzzle that feels cool on her excited vulva. She lays on her tummy in thigh-high stockings to stroke a banana-shaped toy between her legs, then uses a glass tentacle dildo for the finale. "It's like the little textured knobs massage me from the inside!" she sighs, building to a satisfying orgasm that jolts her whole body with delicious pleasure.
AbbyWinters Marine Transparent Undies

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