AbbyWinters Alice S - Pulling Labia - 19 March 2022 (1080p/photo)

20-03-2022, 04:29
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Alice S - Pulling Labia
AbbyWinters Alice S - Pulling Labia - 19 March 2022 (1080p/photo)
"The idea of being naked and photographed by someone, and then watched by others, is so exciting! I love to make people happy," Alice writes in her note. Her big eyes sparkle as she unzips her top to uncover an elegant bra. Then, she proudly lifts up her skirt to reveal that she's blessed with a perfect bubble butt. She sensually slips one hand into her panties, then pulls them down so we can admire her immaculately smooth vulva. With her legs open, she tugs her delicate labia apart with a charming smile, sharing all of her glistening pink pussy. Reclining in a chair, Alice caresses her pert breasts with one hand, while lifting her phone over her head, to snap a sexy nude selfie. Embracing her petite cuteness, she puts on a pink bucket hat, while affixing sticky notes adorned with stars to her chest and thighs. After that she gets on all fours, with her hips in the air, to part her bum cheeks. She looks over her shoulder with a sweet grin, surely making all of her fans very happy indeed.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Alice S - Pulling Labia
Alice has two feline companions, so she carries around a lint roller to avoid being covered in cat fur. She demonstrates how it works by rolling it along her thighs until it lifts up her skirt, uncovering her peachy bum. Stripping down to a lacy bra, Alice shares that she's preparing to get her motorcycle licence, and is proud of herself for conquering her fear of riding. "It's not usually something a girl like me would do, who is small and pretty cute!" she declares. Then she tugs her panties to the side, and spreads her fleshy labia. While caressing her perky small breasts, Alice describes her fantasy of making love to a girl, while a man watches. "I want to seduce that guy and make him desperate to have us", she giggles. With her legs wide open so we can admire all of her petite nude body, Alice tells a steamy story about the time she and a boy tried to have sex at a friend's house, before she got home. She ended up catching them in the act, but had the best possible reaction. "She asked to join us, and I said of course!" Alice announces, and that became her first time with a woman. "Having a guy and a girl made the experience perfect", she sighs.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls Alice S - Pulling Labia

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