AbbyWinters Adriana E & Gizela - Intimate Moments - 7 March 2022 (1080p)

7-03-2022, 15:21
AbbyWinters Adriana E & Gizela - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Adriana E & Gizela - Intimate Moments - 7 March 2022 (1080p)
Gizela is inspired by Adriana's graceful beauty, and asks if she can decorate her shoulders and neck with paint. Adriana sweetly offers to take off her halter top, and sits topless in jeans, so her pert breasts can be adorned with pink and purple stripes. "I'm your canvas!" she exclaims, then takes the brush to paint Gizela's face and nipples as well. "Your hands are so beautiful! Pianist hands" Gizela swoons, admiring Adriana's elegant long fingers. "Hands for masturbating!" she replies, as they both giggle. The girls then rub between each other's thighs over clothes, guided by their friend's fingers to the spots that feel best. "Welcome to my masturbation party!" Adriana playfully announces, and the festivities really heat up when they slip off their panties. Adriana gets aroused by sniffing Gizela's armpit, and they nestle their faces close, while stroking their hairy pussies. Adriana's fingers become creamy with girlcum as she locks her eyes between Gizela's legs and whispers: "so pretty!". With two fingers deep inside, while rubbing her clit, Gizela reaches a blissfully intense orgasm, which Adriana watches with a sparkling smile. As they caress each other all over, Gizela comes up with the perfect title for the sexy artwork they created together: "Two colourful bodies with the smell of vagina!"
AbbyWinters Adriana E & Gizela - Intimate Moments

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