AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz - 18 December 2021 (1080p/photo)

18-12-2021, 18:00
AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz
AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz - 18 December 2021 (1080p/photo)
Beatriz's cutoff denim shorts accentuate her shapely thighs and offer just a teasing hint of her bum. She reads our minds and pulls them down with a sparkling smile, uncovering panties that leave nothing to imagination about her curvy bottom. As she playfully tugs at her midriff-baring top, her pert breasts pop into view, decorated with tan lines. Getting on her hands and knees, she threads her shirt through the waistband of her knickers, to slip them around her ankles, revealing the dark curls of her fuzzy bush.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz
Once she's fully nude, Beatriz looks delighted to provide an intimate guided tour of her body. She opens her legs wide apart, to show off her elegant pink vulva, flashing an inviting grin that makes the sight even lovelier. Standing up and touching her toes, she looks back at the camera between her legs, then gets into her best surfing pose and wiggles her hips. Stretching a see-through top across her bare chest, Beatriz straddles the camera and happily looks down, as we enjoy a unique view of her toned naked body being shot from below.
AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz
Beatriz shows off the stylish earrings and necklace she's purchased during her nine-month trip around the world, while wearing ripped denim shorts that draw our eyes to her curvy hips. She unbuttons them to reveal the waistband of her underwear, and bends over for a perfect view of her bum. "I love all of my body!" she declares with a shimmering smile, pulling down her tight top and describing how she wears revealing clothes to flirt. "I like to show my beautiful breasts" she giggles, caressing her perky nipples. Her cotton thong panties bear the word "Charmed", and that's how we feel when she slips them down around her ankles. Sitting on the floor with her legs open, Beatriz uses her exercise band to stretch her shapely arms and legs, which are toned from ballet. With one bare foot high above her head, we get an intimate view of her pussy, which highlights the neatly-trimmed curls decorating her delicate labia. Shining with sweat from a round of squats, she tells a sweetly sexy story about making out with her best friend just to tease guys, and discovering that it deepened their friendship. Beatriz demonstrates her favorite sex position of being on top, which always makes her orgasm, and doubles as a workout: "If I'm lazy that day and don't exercise, I can have sex!"
AbbyWinters Nude Girls G-string Beatriz

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